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Our Food Safety Audits Identify Weak Points and Offer Lasting Solutions
Terri R.Waller, Terri Waller, Benson Mills GroupAs a food service establishment owner or manager, you understand that maintaining a clean facility and good health score is essential to your success.  But how can you ensure that food flowing through your establishment is consistently being handled safely and properly?

The Benson Mills Group provides thorough food safety audits and restaurant consulting to identify weak points and offer long-term solutions.  The goal is to ensure proper implementation of food handling techniques into the establishment's standard operating procedures.  We aim to identify, assess, and design a comprehensive food safety/sanitation program to assist owners, managers and employees in food handling risk assessment.

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How We Conduct Food Safety Audits

  • Review the establishment's recent health inspections.
  • Meet with management to discuss the present conditions of their food safety program and to determine the scope of the project and identify the ultimate goal of the program.

We conduct monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly audits for a period of one year, and make emergency visits as needed. Our auditors conduct thorough audits on the facility and prepare a report to identify the issues and recommend steps for improvement. Services include:
  • Unannounced audits: review of entire facility, test food safety knowledge, review documentation and identify other key players.
  • Out-brief with manager on duty to discuss findings both positive and negative.
  • Compile detailed report with pictures and submit electronically.
  • Meet with upper management to discuss findings.
  • Send Corrective Action form to facility so they can develop a plan to address the discrepancies.
  • Review Corrective Action Plan the facility sends back; to approve or approve with recommendations.
  • Conduct subsequent visit to ensure Corrective Action Plan was actually implemented.  

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Bambinelli’s Italian Restaurants, Emory University (main campus), Oxford College at Emory, and This Is It BBQ Restaurants.

Customer Testimonial

"The Benson Mills Group is a first rate company that delivers "over and  above" training and consultation services.  We have experienced quick responses to various questions, attendance in meetings for upcoming projects and full attention to the safety concerns of our eight locations.  The desire for food safety is manifested in every session and conversation."      T. Anthony

"Benson Mills Group was responsible for providing services in five of our highest volume locations.  We were very impressed with Benson Mills Group from the start.  Their high standards were reflected throughout the entire program and in every division of service they provided to us."  K. Hemmer