Community and Professional Outreach

Terri R.Waller, Terri Waller, Benson Mills GroupThe Benson Mills Group understands that community outreach is the practice of making a difference by conducting local public awareness activities to improve the understanding of a particular issue.  Because of the many food recalls and food-borne disease outbreaks our efforts in educating the community has become increasingly important.  

Community Outreach

Community Groups:  We work with community organizations to provide educational handouts for parents on how to handle food properly at home also we provide colorful handwashing posters for kids on how to properly wash their hands.  To aid in the reduction of pathogens when handwashing facilities are not present we provide parents with an individual sized bottle of handsanitizer and educate them on the proper way to use it.  

Schools:  We provide in-kind contributions to local early childcare and elementary school students through means of going into the schools demonstrating and working with the kids on proper handwashing techniques and discussing the importance of proper handwashing.  We also provide teachers with colorful handwashing posters for the kids and provide the students with a small treat for their time. 

Professional Outreach

There is a span of five years in between certifications for some training programs.  Sometimes the likelihood of reengaging with the study manual after certification is slim.  We designed our professional outreach program to keep food service professionals engaged with food safety in a learning environment.  We bring in local subject matter experts to talk with food service professionals on topics surrounding food safety.