Our Customer Service evaluations are conducted by Treco-Jones Marketing and Public Relations Firm.  The use of a third-party firm to conduct service evaluations allows customers to be completely candid in their assessments of our work.

"We operate six restaurants located at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and we have used the training services of The Benson Mills Group for over the course of a decade.  They are always prepared and their passion for food safety is expressed in every session.  The service they provide is outstanding and we highly recommend them."  C. Harmon

"From the initial request for class until the examination, professionalism was consistent."  C. Houston

"Ms. Terri genuinely cares about the students and the program.  The relaxed class environment, guided discussions, and current events makes it easy for adults to learn who have been out of school for years."  G. Williams

"In the two years I've been in America I never came across anyone who was interested in helping me to succeed, but Ms. Terri was that special person who took the time with me to make sure I understood everything.  I thank Ms. Terri for believing in me." J. Epane

"Excellent!  Terri is fabulous and provided personal service from start to finish."  L. Albert

"After being in food service for over 15 years this class has been the most informative food safety class I've taken.  The class was not boring, Terri kept us involved through hands on training.  Terri is very knowledgeable and informative.  In five years when my certification expires.  I will definitely take this class again.G. Wesley

"The class was very well taught.  I've learned a lot and in very different ways.  Reviewing each chapter one by one helped.  Also, recalling the work on paper helped to enhance my knowledge in food safety.D. Holland

"Mrs. Terri had activities for us to be engaged and to make us think; she encouraged us...I really liked that she had little tips to help you remember (an abbreviation for something so you can remember a certain topic really helped a lot)."  L. Coleman

"It was a pleasure having this training with you today!  You are extremely knowledgeable, and your delivery was lively and engaging.  Thank you and I appreciate your efforts to help us be better managers; and your passion and commitment to educating others in food safety was evident. A. Russo

"Terri is very enthusiastic, professional and genuinely interested in the success of her students.M.McCurdy

"For class being one day, Terri was really thorough-scored a 95 on my test." R. Baker

"Very professional and in-depth."  R. Welsh

"Very well educated."  T. McGhee

"Excellent!  We were impressed with the service and flexibility."  D. & R. Phillips

"Very thorough and knowledgeable-did a great job presenting the material."  R. Mathis

"Terri is very professional, the way she explained and interacted with the students.  I took this class before and it was extremely boring.  She asked questions, use different things that make students get involved.C. Figueroa

"We were a room of diverse people with diverse food experience; Terri did a great job at explaining the material at all levels.  There was a good mixture in her teaching style and interaction forcing us to get up and not sit in a chair during the entire class.  I think she kept the class going enough to make it great." K. Hemmer