Specialized Commercial Cleaning

Cleanliness is a critical factor that affects the success of your establishment, as dirty foodservice establishments can cause serious health code violations.

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The Benson Mills Group understands that having a clean food service establishment is the benchmark to food safety. Cleanliness is a critical factor that affects the success of your establishment, as dirty food service establishments can cause health code violations. At the Benson Mills Group, we not only specialize in food safety training; but we also have spent many years cleaning commercial kitchens.

We specialize in cleaning ceiling tiles...

Your ceiling is an important investment as anything else in your establishment, but ceiling tiles are often overlooked in the cleaning process. During your daily operations your ceiling tiles are subjected to grease, smoke, germs, dust, allergens and other air pollutants causing a reduction in Indoor Air Quality and discoloration of the tile surface.  

Benefits of cleaning your tile:

  •  Improves Indoor Air Quality 
  •   Removes the buildup from tile surface
  •   Increases the ambient light level  
  •   Less expensive than replacing 
  •   Safer and better than painting

We have faced our fair share of painted ceilings and simply don't recommend it and here's why...

  • Lowers the flame retarding ability of the tiles. When tiles are manufactured, they are treated with a fire retardant material to reduce fire hazards. By painting over the tile, you have blocked the fire retardant capabilities.
  • It ruins the noise reduction ability of the tile.
  • Most ceilings are not cleaned before they are painted. So, everything that was on the surface of the tile is now trapped.  
  • The tiles will stick to the T-grid and can break when moved and sometimes won't move at all. This becomes an issue with drop ceilings when you have professionals who need to access the above space. 

Our program begins with…

  • A site review to determine the size and condition of the ceiling.
  • We determine products and equipment needed for the job.
  • We discuss our frequency options and accessibility to the facility.


We offer one-time and quarterly services.

Our team of cleaning professionals have experience in restaurants and food safety regulations that avails our clients of a level of expertise and know-how that is second to none.