The Benson Mills Group

Community Outreach

Our efforts in educating the community has become increasingly important.

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The Benson Mills Group understands that community outreach is the practice of making a difference by conducting public awareness activities to improve the understanding of a particular issue. Because of the growing numbers of food recalls and foodborne disease outbreaks, our efforts in educating the community has become increasingly important.  

Our Outreach 

Community Groups: 

We work with community organizations to provide educational handouts for parents on how to handle food properly at home.  Additionally, we provide colorful instructional posters for children on how to properly wash their hands.  To aid in the reduction of pathogens when hand washing facilities are not present, we provide parents with an individual sized bottle of hand sanitizer and educate them on the proper usage.


We provide in-kind contributions to local early childcare and elementary school students by conducting on-site demonstrations and working individually with children on proper hand washing techniques and discussing the importance of proper hand washing. We also provide teachers with colorful hand washing posters for their students and also provide the students with a small treat for their time. 

Professional Outreach

The Benson Mills Group engages the expertise of some of the most renowned individuals in their respective fields in our efforts to provide clients with the most accurate and useful information regarding food safety.